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NYC Cyclist Gives Cab-Hailing Tourists A High Five

Typically an act of frustrating desperation, a cyclist has turned hailing a New York City cab into a congratulation. He's probably trying to get people to think about cycling instead of taxis, but really he's just scaring commuters and tourists.


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Strictly speaking, striking another person uninvited is assault. Making that stick in court would be pretty hard, but still. People are minding their own business, trying to snag a cab, and this guy comes along and hits them. What if he struck a person suffering from rheumatoid arthritis? The pain would be terrible, and he'd be blithely on his way, assaulting more people.

He's an artsy-fartsy type who evidently thinks his artistic vision is important enough to go out and interrupt other people's days, even if it is only for a moment. Some are amused, some nonplussed, some frightened, some annoyed. Is the amusement of some worth the startlement of others? I don't think so. That, and artsy-fartsy types just bug me. Get a job, pansy. A REAL job.

One umbrella through the spokes makes up for lots of random minor assaults. New Yorkers as a rule put up with a lot of shit, but beyond the tipping point retribution is harsh and swift. Remember that when you're spread-eagled on the ground with your teeth artistically arrayed around your face.