When I joked about fixing my handling problems with Truck Nutz, I had no idea I'd actually find a pair in the Pirelli World Challenge paddock. Many race cars race in support of charities, but Timothy Mincey Sr.'s Testicular Cancer Foundation-sponsored car is particularly on the ball(s) with it.

Look at deez nutz. Look at them. Behold, the roundness.

Best of all, the big blue balls match the wonderballs livery outside.


Mincey usually crews for Jason Cherry on the Shea Racing Team, but he felt it was time for his own pro racing car. He started off with an IndieGoGo campaign to get the funds to get the car here, and it's certainly living up to his promise to bring the ever-important reminder to feel your balls in front of more eyes.


Now it's here!

This Mincey Racing Honda Fit is by far the ballsiest car in the paddock, and it's even better knowing that it's dangling (yes, properly hung) Truck Nutz for a good cause.


(P.S.: Feel your balls. Lumps are only good in Puffalump form.)