Nuts to You, Motorists! Tow Yards in Texas Not Refunding Money

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This crap makes our blood boil. We've been wrongfully towed, but due to lack of funds and time, we never pursued the issue. We were once rightfully towed as well, due to confusion about street signage. And we've been towed twice due to our vehicle being stolen. And let us tell you this: regardless of circumstances, it's a goddamn scam rife with collusion between municipalities and tow yards. A local Houston TV station dug into the corruption and found that despite court orders, tow yards aren't paying victims of wrongfully-towed vehicles. A new ordinance is in the works in the city saying that if tow yards don't pay illegally-towed citizens, their license could be revoked. What it should say is that the city is liable for the money owed.


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