Now's Your Best Chance To Buy A Caterham F1 Car (Lightly Used)

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Earlier today there were reports about some sort of ruckus going on at the Caterham F1 team, including rumors of police at their headquarters in England. Then they issued a weird non-denial denial that anything happened at all. And now repo men are selling a bunch of their stuff, including an F1 car.


Alright, so it's a 2013 Caterham F1 test car, but it still counts. That is a real-deal Formula One race car.


The list of parts also very specifically include parts intended for the upcoming race in Japan, which is funny, considering that the team very specifically said earlier that it was "doing its preparation in Japan," which is an interesting way of wording things.

How they're going to manage to do that without some parts, I have no idea.

The list of things now for sale by The Sheriffs Office, which is an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (AKA a repo man, in the United Kingdom) includes, but is not limited to:

  • Caterham F1 test car (2013)
  • Caterham F1 car parts (due for Japan 2014)
  • Full size 6 DOF motion platform F1 simulator
  • Caterham F1 steering wheels
  • F1 wheels with tyres
  • High quality drilling & machining equipment
  • Caterham & Lotus F1 memorabilia
  • Various pit lane equipment including jacks, pumps and starters
  • TVs, monitors and other goods and equipment

Well that's basically everything you'd need to start your own pretend F1 team. The date of the auction for the goods isn't set in stone, but it's likely to be at some point in mid-October in the UK.

Time to buy a plane ticket.

H/t to micky!

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