​Now Your Car Can Talk With Your Fitness Bracelet

Sitting kills. At least that's what the medical reports are trumpeting. It's also one of the reasons why activity trackers like the FitBit, Jawbone UP, and Nike FuelBand have gained so much popularity. And now, they're able to track another sedentary activity: driving.

Automatic, the company that makes the OBD-II dongle to quantify your driving, has partnered with Jawbone, makers of the UP fitness bracelet, to add the amount of time you spend behind the wheel into your daily activity report.


With the UP app paired with the Automatic app, the combination of monitoring can figure out if you missed your steps goal for the day because you spent extra time in the car and suggest walking instead of driving to the grocery store. Combing that information, UP can figure out how your driving habits have an affect on your health, while comparing your diet and mood based on how much time you spend on the road.

If nothing else, the partnership addresses one of the biggest issues with health trackers: they tell you what you do, but don't make any suggestions on how to improve beyond "walk more" and "eat better." Then again, keeping tabs on your heart rate and blood pressure at a track day could make up for that Saturday you spent binge-watching Community.

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