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Now You Can See If A Ferrari Enzo Or A McLaren F1 Is Better

While they're both getting on in years, the Ferrari Enzo and the McLaren F1 will both be competitors in the pantheon of great supercars. And there's a bunch of ways to compete – style, cost, and of course, speed.


Having driven neither, I can comfortably say that the McLaren is my favorite. It seems to look better and better, and become more and more unique, as the years go on. The Ferrari doesn't have the central driving position, the top speed, nor does it have the same rarity.

But who am I kidding. At 399 units, the Enzo isn't exactly common, either.

So here's an old episode of Fifth Gear comparing the two. The episode's getting on in years, referring to a rumored Enzo replacement, and saying that no McLaren will ever surpass the F1, but that's okay. It's a perfect way to wind down on a Friday afternoon.

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The F1 is the best thing ever in the history of everything, ever.

Not even the best CAR. The best THING.