Do you like cars? Small versions of big things? How about putting drinks on tables made of fragile material? If you answered yes to any of the above, today’s a good day for you, my friend.

Car wheel company fifteen52, products of which you might recognize on Ken Block’s stunt cars, has released their first “coaster series.”


For $35.52 you can get this set of six coasters designed to look exactly like some of the company’s wheels, which are actually pretty sexy. Most of them feel like slightly modernized 80's and 90's retro-style. Would have looked perfect on that Mark III Jetta everybody had in high school, right?

Coasters, of course, are mainstays of civilized society. They perform the indispensable task of preventing the condensation from collecting on the surface of a table. If you’re table’s too cheap or too fancy, that will leave a ring of discoloration after time.

What I meant is that coasters are some of the most frivolous objects you can possibly own. But these are the cutest execution of a pretty thing you don’t need!


Let’s get some plates next! Maybe potholders?


Images via fifteen52

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