Now You Can Own A Car That Larry King Once Crashed Into

On Seinfeld, George Costanza spent a lot of time bragging that he purchased a car once owned by John Voight. Of course, it wasn't Jon Voight the actor, but John Voight the periodontist.

But now, you can own a car that was once backed into by Larry King. Yes, THE Larry King. That's far better than anything owned by Jon Voight.


This 1951 Buick Riviera Super, which has been listed on eBay, had its custom flames hurt by the icon for suspender wearers everywhere.

The old paint job, with the flames got messed up when the car was hit by Larry King in Los Angeles. Yes, that Larry King. Suspenders, glasses, twitchy... He backed his Town Car into the passenger side fender.

The fact that Larry drives a Lincoln Town Car might be the least surprising thing we've ever heard, even less surprising than hearing that he backed into something. That's because Town Cars come with suspenders and a pair of white shoes standard from the factory.

The ultimate piece of Larry King memorabilia is currently at a bid of $8,205 and it looks like there's no reserve. Bidding is open for five more days. Please buy it.


(Hat Tip to Rico!)

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