Now This Is How You Turn The New Nissan Titan Into A Real Off-Roader

(Image: ICON Vehicle Dynamics)
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The 2016 Nissan Titan XD’s Cummins diesel engine weighs about 900 pounds. That makes this one hell of a trustfall for the ICON’s new suspension system here. We’re waiting to hear how it looked after landing, but I’m just stoked somebody had the balls to get hangtime in this monster!

We knew the truck’s Cummins turbocharged diesel engine would be easy to tune and massage more power out of, but the Titan XD has a much better chance of establishing relevance if a complete and comprehensive aftermarket thrives.


I highly doubt we’re going to get a Ram Power Wagon-style hardcore off-road variant of the Titan XD that’s been teased in concept form. But that doesn’t mean the truck can’t become a kick-ass country toy if the right supporting companies step up.

Nissan has done themselves a great service by facilitating aftermarket modification to the truck, and a year after the company hosted an “upgrade measuring session” we’re starting to see exciting new parts for the heavy light-duty Titan XD like these hardcore suspension setups from ICON Vehicle Dynamics.

Say what you will about F-150eqsue styling, the Titan XD looks good on these wheels. (Image: ICON Vehicle Dynamics)

This particular kit lifts the truck 2" to 3" on coilover shocks with remote reservoirs to keep them cool and working through tuff stuff plus upgraded control arms to work with the length of the new components. All that’s enough, apparently, to drop the front of the truck from a few feet of air.


Fact is, hardcore consumers are rarely going to get the extreme performance we fantasize about from a stock setup. Even every Ford Raptor I’ve ever driven in Baja so far has been sitting on aftermarket suspension.

Now that what looks like a legitimately extreme suspension option is on the market for the new Titan XD, I’m excited to see what people start doing with these trucks. The Nissan being a little lighter duty than a traditional three quarter-ton truck should give it a bit of an advantage off-road too, since it theoretically won’t be as rigid.


So, who’s got a big ramp on their back forty?

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