Now Just Enjoy A Weird Minivan-Hatchback Thing Destroying The 1/4 Mile

Earlier today I may have completely proved that the bizarre all-wheel-drive minivan-hatchback thing from a defunct manufacturer known as the Eagle Summit Wagon was the best vehicle of all time, solely by virtue of Kinja points. But if you want to make a minivan-hatchback thing even better, you throw a big engine in it.

And by “ridiculously big engine,” I mean a Mitsubishi 4G63, the one that eventually ended up worming its way into cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Oh, and you might want to slap an even bigger turbocharger onto it, like the video description here says this person did, so it can blast through the quarter mile in 11 seconds at round about 113 miles an hour.


Not bad, for one of the “worst vehicles of the 1990s.”

Spiritual h/t to Frankenblaster!

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