Nothing Will Stop The Cat From The World's Greatest GIF From Its Lunch

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If you haven't seen it, a cat did the most amazing thing today. Who says nothing good comes out of Bakersfield?


Thanks to you, we have a little more insight into the cat's motives here. Read this the way a cat would. It makes much more sense, or at least it's much more amusing.

Ash 78:

When asked about his loyalty to the child, the cat replied "What child? I saw a fucking dog, I acted. Nibbles is looking out for Nibbles."

The reason? Room13:

Damn you and your most likely scenario. However, it's really not that unusual for a cat to protect another animal it lives with. They may be independent but they still have a sense of "pride." No pun intended, I mean they still protect the family unit.



Nibbles is a bad motherfucker. Did you see that hit? Pow!

Actually, honestly, I don't think people get how protective cats are of their "pride." Mine saved me from burglary twice and tore through two screens to get at animals in my yard. Lil' killer takes no prisoners.


That explains AbelfromFL's scenario:

He later added "Kid is Nibbles ticket to lunch. NOBODY F*%#S WITH NIBBLES LUNCH."

p.s. The quote is correct, the cat used all-caps.

Reasoning you can only get on Catlopnik.


Congratulations, Misters Ash78, Room13, SecondMouse and AbelfromFL, on COTD! I have for each of you a pair of lovable kitties to play with.