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Here in America, we pride ourselves on being the home of the free and the land of the brave. Whether or not this is true, at least we have cheeseburgers. And Hellcat-powered Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 6x6s that you can buy for $289,900. The thing might as well spray goddamn stars and stripes from its tailpipes.

The monster Jeep was shown off at this year’s SEMA show. It has the Hellcat engine, a five-inch lift, 35-inch tires, custom carbon fiber hood scoops, custom wheels, a custom-built rack and a custom leather interior, according to its Craigslist listing.


The seller notes:

These Off - Roading monsters have been carefully engineered and designed for high performance. They are modeled after trophy trucks and are ALL made in America. We only use high quality materials and pride ourselves on high quality craftsmanship.

All our trucks are fully customizable and with their one of kind look, you are sure to stand out anywhere!

I’m confused, though. I feel like to buy this Jeep you must first need to own at least four different pairs of American flag hot pants and have field dressed a buck with your bare hands. The listing doesn’t expressly mention these requirements, but I am enforcing them.

It’s only after that can you then cough up $289,900 for the six-wheeled Hellcat Jeep of your wildest off-road freedom dreams.


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