Nothing Is Smoother Than This Japanese Suzuki Cappuccino Promo Reel

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If you’re like me, you waste a significant amount of your work week on the Goo-Net Exchange eyeballing weird old Japanese cars that you want to import once they hit the magical 25-year mark. Cars like the Suzuki Cappuccino, a roadster for people who looked at the Mazda Miata and said “Oh, that’s just way too big.”


I defy anyone to watch this Japanese promotional reel-slash-advertisement for the Cappuccino and then tell me they don’t want to drive one, at the very least. Besides the wonderful little 660cc rear-drive roadster, the smooth, smooth soundtrack just makes me want to go to here. Wherever the hell this is. Smoothness City.

Obviously, the first backing song is a duet between A-Ha’s Morten Harket and Norwegian jazz vocalist Silje Nergaard from the early 1990s. Isn’t everyone into Norwegian smooth jazz? I’m probably telling you stuff you already know.

I can’t ID the second song, but it’s heavy on the saxophone, and whatever it is, I like what I’m hearing.

Welcome to Smoothness City. Population: You, and your someday street-legal 1994 Suzuki Cappuccino. It’s a good place to be, baby.

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I’ve seen the soft top version irl, It’s low and so~ tiny.

For comparison sake,