Nothing Is Prettier Than A WRC Driver Ripping Through The New Zealand Countryside

New Zealander Hayden Paddon may have been out of a World Rally Championship drive in Spain, but he can certainly whip around his Hyundai i20 AP4+ back at home. He’s been showcasing his talent and his home country in these breathtakingly gorgeous Paddon’s Playground videos, all of which rule.

I thought I was making pretty dirt clouds the last time I whipped around a car in the dirt. Nope. Watching these is a humbling experience. If you’re not parting a flock of sheep with your car mid-run, maybe—just maybe—your scenery has been out-done by the likes of Lake Wanaka and Minaret Station.

Part Two goes to the Cardrona ski area, which—let’s face it—is the kind of place every self-respecting car nut has always dreamed of hooning. There’s no snow when they filmed it, however. Just miles of glorious gravel and not a single lost tourist in the way.


Either way, this is the best way to take a bicycle to the top of the trail I’ve ever seen.

[H/T Bacon the Dinosaur]

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