Not-So-Pious Prius: Toyota Looking To Super-Size Gas Engine In Next Hybrid Model?

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According to a report from the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shibun, ToMoCo is looking to bring a new hybrid-only model for the 'merican market. According to the newsmag's sources, it's expected be a midsize sedan with a 2.5- to 3-liter engine, larger than the 1.5-liter the Prius currently uses to putz around. The plan, apparently, is to add this new model to the already-on-the-market hybrid lineup alongside its pipsqueak brother. So what's the deal? Why is Toyota looking to boost both size and fuel consumption? According to Asahi and Toyota, the Prius is the most popular hybrid model in the US because Americans want to be seen while being green. So, even if a new-gen Prius is less green than the one on the market, the name cachet is enough to make 'em sell like hotcakes. Hmm — higher sales of gas-guzzling SUV's, a new Tundra ton-o-fun pickup, image coming first and now cutting fuel efficiency to expand market share — ToMoCo's becoming more and more like the 'merican manufacturers it's replacing on the sales ladder every day.

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