Not So Much A Mopar Authorized Accessory — The Dodge Magnum PC Case Mod

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Normally we leave the geekin' on gadgets to our Gawker-y friends at Gizmodo — but we couldn't pass up the chance to post on this critical intersection of autos and the pimping of beige box PC's. What we have here is a customized PC from — an outfit which, as the name suggests, has computers modded out in a way designed to make our circuits sizzle and our pistons pump. They've started with Dodge's muscle-y goodness — and you've got your choice of Magnum, Charger or Viper SRT10. And PCRides isn't just looks without substance — cause they haven't gone skimpy on the tech side...

...building an impressively powerful system clocking in with multi-gigahertz Intel Core Duo processors (so you can download a Top Gear episode, watch a YouTube drift vid, and surf for porn all at once) with a 667 MHz front-side bus all running off of the Intel 945GM chipset. It's expandable to 4 GB of DDRS memory, comes with an HDTV tuner — and here's the part that would make an automotive engineer proud — the PC innards all rest on one standard-frame, so the car model bodies are interchangeable. The best part — the computer makes the sound of a HEMI when it boots up!


This little beast of a 'puter will begin shipping in August or September with a basic price in BYODKM mode of $1,500 — additional cases are $200 bucks each. That's a small price to pay for the ability to show the world you live life by the horns.

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