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I can hardly believe my eyes. This is truly something that I don’t think has ever happened before. Ever.

These photos, sent in by a helpful reader, show a Mustang that crashed into an overpass and somehow ripped off its own rear bumper.


The reader was driving behind the white Mustang after it had rained, passing through an underpass where people tend to like to rev their engines, inexplicably.

Both cars were turning left from the pass and apparently the driver of the Mustang misjudged their heavy foot, oversteering and overcorrecting the car right into a wall.


Thankfully nobody was injured! Police were summoned, as was a tow truck. What, did you expect that poor Mustang to unhook from the wall by itself?

Man, I sincerely hope nothing like this happens again. Especially not leaving something like a—oh, I don’t know—Cars & Coffee event.

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