Looks like the Gawker Server Hamsters start foaming at the mouth when they see a gallery today, so we had to pull a couple of LeMons posts until we could figure out why we were getting a core meltdown in Gawker HQ's nuclear reactor. No problem, though, because UDMan has sent us a standings update! The Endurance Karting Miata remains the leader, but the pride seems to be gone from the little Mazda's stride and the Kielbasa Kids Civic sedan is closing the gap. Make the jump to get UDman's details and see the photos of the top six contenders (as of earlier this afternoon)...

1 โ€“ the #90 Mazda Miata of Endurance Karting

2 โ€“ the #29 Honda of Kielbasa Kids


3 โ€“ the #2 Schumacher Taxi Service car (the Audi 90)

4 โ€“ The #69 Alfa Romeo Milano of Scuderia Limoni


5 โ€“ the #0 Volvo 244 of the Keystone Kops

6 โ€“ the #06 Alfa Romeo Milano of Scuderia Testa di Spillo
Two Alfa Romeos in the top 6โ€ฆ..