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Rally champ Colin McRae is a bit of a car geek. In fact, he's developed his first rally car, which he'll unveil at the UK's Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend โ€” him, having lost that piece of shit koda that blew his last two seasons ( koda withdrew from WRC this year). Not many details on the car exist โ€” at least to us โ€” as yet, but we hear from 4Car it's four-wheel-drive and uses a bespoke 2.5-liter engine (at least, that's what's being bespoken) and a "unique spaceframe chassis." The car's not just for his own use, but also for privateer teams who may want to, say, cut him a huge-arse cheque for the privilege of his expertise. [UPDATE: Details here, ahead of the launch this weekend.]

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