Not even the "World's Strongest Man" could hold back the 1984 Ford Tempo

What better way to advertise your entry in the competitive mid eighties compact car market than inviting the world's strongest man to lift it up and try and keep it from moving forward? There wasn't one in Ford's eyes because that is exactly what they did in this vintage Ford Tempo commercial.

While letting potential Tempo customers know how the compact Ford stacked up against other similar cars of the era, strong man John Wooten is holding one end of the Tempo up and making some very odd noises. Eventually he "loses the battle" with the Ford and is clearly defeated as the Tempo drives away.

We aren't sure what it means, what point it proves or why the world's strongest man lost the battle with the 90 horsepower Tempo but this odd competition of man vs. machine certainly makes for one of the more amusing classic advertisements we've seen in a while.

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Pfft! That's mere child's play.