Not even the teams participating in the WeatherTech Sports Car Championship understand how the driver rankings work. Former series champion, frequent driving coach and all-around excellent dude Andrew Davis somehow scored an oh-so-coveted amateur “silver” ranking. Screencap from the Magnus Racing Rolex 24 live stream.


Maybe it’s an average of all round performance thing: yes you won the world endurance championship but you also placed 72nd in your local (FIA sanctioned) lawnmower racing league with a 17 DNFs, 5 DFLs, 3 DUIs (that’s actually good, you get double points for finishing whilst hammered), 2 Prarie dog strikes (automatically brings out the red and furry chunks flag) and a DQ for comparing the head steward’s wife to a racehorse!

So on average you’re somewhere midway between Mark Webber and the dead guy who managed to finish 71st posthumously....