Not Even A Formula One Car On Fire Can Shake Kimi Räikkönen

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There is absolutely nothing that can kill Kimi Räikkönen’s chill. I’ve never seen a man deal with a car fire so calmly. Räikkönen’s Formula One car is literally on fire and he just steps out of it like he’s going to go take a nap.


Räikkönen radioed over to his Ferrari team that his car had a problem, and they knew what kind of problem he was talking about when they saw smoke coming out of the engine cover.

I am not Kimi Räikkönen. You will hear me in the next county if I can’t reach a race car’s kill switch, much less if there’s an actual fire burning above my head.

This is why Kimi is a hero. Fire? Ah, whateverjustdealwithit.

Sadly, this also means Kimi is out of the Australian Grand Prix. Räikkönen seems to have the worst awesomeness to luck ratio in F1.

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F1guy hates duck billed F1 cars

Kimi we think there’s something wrong with the car

“Leave me alone I know what I’m doing.”

Kimi the car’s on fire.

“Yeah yeah yeah I’ll get out of it.”

Kimi, there’s fire shooting out above your head.

“I’ll want to take a nap in the Ferrari now.”