Norwegian Drift Wood: The Epic Gatebil Gallery

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In Norway, the Gatebil auto festivals draw thousands of spectators every year for a mix of car show, parts bazaar and racing. Here's our gallery from this year's final Gatebil drift, enveloped in epic clouds of shredded tires.


Photographer Egil Håskjold was kind enough to share his shots of the action, and there's more to enjoy on his Flickr page. We'd expect BMW and Audis in any good Northern Europe drift, but the Supra and the Saab wagon (with an enthusiastic passenger) give it just that little something extra we expect from true Norwegian hoons.

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Just in case your norwegian is a bit rusty: Gatebil translates directly to streetcar. Not that all of them are street legal, but most are. Personally i think the whole arrangement seems to be lacking in the wankel department.