Norway's King Bought That 20-Foot Audi A8L But Might Not Be The Only One

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That 20-foot Audi A8L Extended limousine seems fit for a king, and it turns out its “unnamed European buyer” is an actual king. Specifically, the King of Norway, according to Norwegian website VG. And it turns out he might not be the only one to get his hands on the big Audi limo.


VG says that the car in the press shots, which was built upon request from King Harald V, isn’t actually the Norwegian royal car but instead a prototype. It might seem a bit odd that Audi would build a fully functional-looking prototype for a one-off, but VG implies that perhaps this Audi isn’t really a one-of-one.

The site went on to say that the Norwegian royal family didn’t pay for the development costs, instead shelling out only about 2.7 million Kroner, the equivalent of about $400,000, for the luxobarge. VG thinks this might be another indication that there are others out there willing to throw down some cash for the four-ringed status-mobile.

The website might be right, because Motor Authority reports that Audi says it already has orders from other customers looking for a six-doored A8. So while the king of Norway might be the only one riding in Audi’s mega-limo for now, he might have company before you know it.

Any takers?

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There’s Norway he really needs all those doors