North Carolina Deputy In Viral Brake Check Video May Get His Job Back

Remember that North Carolina sheriff's deputy who resigned after a video of him brake checking a driver went viral? It looks like he could be back on the job soon.

As the website Photography Is Not A Crime notes, former Deputy Craig Culpepper said on his Facebook page Friday that he received the opportunity to get his job back with the Onslow County Sheriff's Office.

Judging by the excitement in his post, it sounds like if given the chance to work as a deputy again, Culpepper will go for it.


Culpepper left his job after a video emerged of him brake-checking a driver in South Carolina, causing a rear-end crash. He chose to resign from the job, although the sheriff offered him the chance to stay as a detention officer. Culpepper issued this statement:

On Monday the 18th of March; I competed a 40 hour K9 Handlers training course in Edisto Island, South Carolina, while driving home I allowed another person to manage my emotions and I made a very bad decision. While traveling on highway 526 in Charleston South Carolina; I was being tailgated by another driver in a much bigger hurry then I was, and I reacted to his impatience by creating a situation that could have had very serious consequences. I have embarrassed; myself, my family and my fellow law enforcement officers. I apologize to any law enforcement officer’s that feel any repercussions for my actions. As a result of my actions I am no longer a deputy with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office; this I am very hurt by, I loved my job, the people I worked with and the citizens I worked for; and it drives home the mistake I made. Let me be clear I made a mistake, I own it, it’s mine and I will not try to hide it or cover it up.

And now, it looks like he's coming back, although it's certainly a strange situation. Why did he opt to leave when given the chance to stay on? Why did he change his mind? Will he for sure be coming back? And will he get caught brake-checking drivers again?

Hat tip to Supercharger Heaven!

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Phineas Q. Butterfat

The guy has had his serving of humble pie. He's eaten it with grace. Provided he's not given back pay for his time off, I think this situation will temper his actions from this point forward. One more of these 'incidents', and Target won't hire him as a secret shopper.

And before anyone says to me I'm being too easy or that he should have better control than this being that he is a law enforcement officer-we're all human. I've worked for 60 hours out of town in a week, and my only goal between not sleeping in a shitty hotel bed, going without a good home cooked meal, and being under a deadline, was to get home and see my family. Nerves are frayed and patience is at a minimum at that point.

Besides; I'm getting tired of seeing this constant 'that person screwed up-he/she should lose their job and have their career permanently wiped out. He's been through the meat grinder. I'm pretty sure from this point forward he'll be a little more 'reserved' in his on-road antics.