Nobody Is Cross-Shopping The Toyota Supra With Anything Else

The 2020 Toyota Supra. Dun dun duuuuuun. The Goliath. The all-powerful, Japanese tuning legend, whose predecessor’s iron-heart struck fear and wonder into the quaking souls of Italian exotics. This is the new one, and it has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Look, there are things we like and don’t like about the new Supra. Things we like include the looks. Maybe you hated it in photographs, but in real life, it’s striking. Its proportions up front are long and low to the ground, while it has great, upward-slanting lines on the trunk. It’s angled and pointy and slightly cartoonish and that’s great. No other cars really look like that right now.

We don’t really like that it has so many fake vents, though. What is the point of a fake vent? To tell lies? To offset tangible insecurity? To give us a sense of crushing disappointment? I can just look into my parents’ eyes if I wanted to see that last one. (Kidding!!! My dentist mom and lawyer dad love their car blogging offspring.)

I understand when people ask about cross-shopping the Supra with other cars, like the Porsche 718s or a Mustang. But I’d also be willing to bet that people who are legitimately thinking about buying a Supra aren’t cross-shopping it with anything. You waited for the Supra to come back, you saw the Supra come back and now you’re going to buy that Supra because it’s the car you want. You’re not considering anything else.

So what that it has BMW bits beneath its skin? (See also: a lot of BMW bits.) It has a fixed roof, unlike the Z4, but it looks completely different. It catches a lot of hate for being basically a BMW underneath, but the person who drives home with the Supra won’t care. They’re getting this car because it makes them happy. It will be a purely emotional purchase.

This is the latest in our Ask Us Anything video series. Want to see us poke around a red Supra? Check it out.

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