The Best Time For An In-Flight Smoke Is Right Before A Drunken Diatribe

This airline passenger of questionable sanity/sobriety, on a flight from Nicaragua to Miami, goes on an epic rant then gets caught lighting up. In two separate videos, tragically shot vertically, our crazy lady is shown puffing away before stashing her still-lit smoke in the seat pocket, and then it got weird.

Reddit user /u/Upsidedowndog claims to be the poor soul stuck in the seat next to Ms. Psycho. Hinting at possible alcohol and drug use, he briefly describes the situation inflight where the woman's dissertation included quotes such as "Obama kills people on Tuesdays" and "Hugo Chavez was a friend to the USA" and something about Venezuelan oil.


Our friendly Reddit user was kind enough to dig up the arrest record and share the mugshot. She was charged with "#1 DISORDERLY CONDUCT/BREACH OF THE PEACE" and held for $500 bond.

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