No, You Can't Have That Gorgeous Shade Of Ford GT Blue

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Besides being amazeballs, the three Ford performance cars that dropped in Detroit yesterday — the Ford GT, the Mustang GT350R, and the 2017 Raptor — all had one thing in common: a very lovely shade of blue paint. Want it on your Fiesta ST? You can't have it. Sorry.


Our friends over at Road & Track write that this color, known as Liquid Blue and the designated color of the Ford Performance lineup, is not a production paint color. Lame! Sad face! Angry noises! WHARRGARBL INTERNET COMMENTING!

Ford explained to us that "Liquid Blue" is a show-car color only, and that it's actually multiple layers of paint on the display cars. Now, Ford also said that in the past, special show colors have made the transition to the production-car pallette, but right now Liquid Blue isn't in the running.

The pub does note that if you really love Liquid Blue, you can email Ford (I think it's and ask real nicely for it. Maybe then they'll change their minds and make it available to the public.

Come on, Ford, give us the paint. It's not like we're asking for something totally outrageous and unreasonable, like a Lincoln that isn't lame.