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No, This Isn't An X-Wing Factory

Illustration for article titled No, This Isnt An X-Wing Factory

Although it may look like the Rebel Alliance factory floor, those are SR-71 Blackbirds being built. We lovingly lifted the shot from Gizmodo's cool feature yesterday — written by an actual Blackbird pilot. Check it out if you haven't already.


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Couldn't get them to approve this on Gawker.... My Dad used to work for Pratt&Whitney and this is what he had to say:

"Yeah, that is a good article. More details than I have previously seen. Only one problem. Author says he crossed Kadafi's line of death at 2100+ mph with his RSO behind him. Well, SR71 is a single seater. Pilot only. No RSO. The one shown in the picture is the only 2 seater ever made and it was only for training new pilots. The second canopy protruded up above the top of the streamline and created so much add'l drag that it prevented the plane from reaching 2100 mph (I don't recall the exact figure but it was something like 1500 mph max.). So kinda curious that an article with so much detail could contain such an error. All I can figure is that the Pentagon is still classifying some of the info such that the errors are deliberate."