No, this is not an action-movie stunt. This is a BMW M5 Touring dangling off the side of a Swiss bridge this past weekend (link auf Deutsch) twenty feet above a highway after the overenthusiastic driver lost control and crashed.

The incident occurred just after midnight on Sunday morning in the city of Dietikon, just northwest of Zurich. The 25-year-old driver apparently dipped way too far into the big V-10's 500 bhp while accelerating out of a turn and slid under the bridge railing. The driver and a passenger escaped out the back, then literally held the car in place so that it would not fall to the road below until the police arrived.

Authorities have not stated whether the incident was alcohol-related or simply hoonage gone amok. Per Swiss guidelines the driver's license was confiscated on the spot.

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(Hat tip to @EndrasBMW!)