Illustration for article titled No, P. Diddy Did Not Buy His 16-Year-Old Kid An $8 Million Maybach

There are a few reports about P. Diddy getting his son an $8 million Maybach Exelero for his 16th Birthday. These reports are wrong. He probably just bought him a $342,000 Maybach.


According to Associated Content:

The car that was given to his son, a supped up (sic) version of the Maybach Exelero, cost $360,000. Yes, all of those zeros are meant to be there, and the car is also very easily recognized by people who are car aficionados.


First of all, the Exelero cost $8,000,000, not $360,000. Second, there's only one of them and, as far as we know, it's not for sale. Third, not even P. Diddy gets his kid a one-off car. Someone just misunderstood. It's probably a Maybach 57. You know — his old one that's all dented. They're only $342,000.

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