No NASCAR for Danica: She's With Andretti, Leather

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Amusingly-monikered blog My Name is IRL adds to what So Damn Indy broke earlier today. Danica is indeed leaving Rahal-Letterman, but she's not, as has been rumored, headed to NASCAR. Rather, she's apparently off to the land of Andretti-Green, where she'll be paired with the series other Golden Child, Mario's grandson. We'll likely be seeing Mario in a little over a week, so see if we can't ply him for some info then, unless of course, Michael keeps him out of the loop on this stuff.

2nd Report: Danica moving to AGR in 2007 [My Name is IRL]; BREAKING: Danica And RLR To Part Ways For 2007! [So Damn Indy]


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