No MSG, Much MG: Nanjing's High Hopes for the Brand

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"I say MG, what do you think? When I say Geely, Chery, Shanghai, what do you think?" asks Duke Hale, head of North American operations for MG. Truthfully, Duke. We think, "Crappy Lucas electrics." Then we think of zippy little runabout droptops. But the reworked TF that Nanjing's going to sell here is actually a hardtop, which isn't something that the brand had a lot of success with here in the US. Their planned Oklahoma facility would churn out 12,000 to 16,000 TFs a year, with 60 percent of those headed for the American market. Can Nanjing pull it off? Will Americans buy a British-designed, Oklahoma-built car owned by a Chinese company? Study the price point very hard, fellas.

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