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George Carlin once said this about riding the bus: "Hey, never mind those people at the bus stop. If they knew anything, they wouldn't be riding the bus." One of those things people don't know is that their driver just might be masturbating while driving. Great.


The driver, George Simpson, was driving a full bus through the Lincoln Tunnel during rush hour traffic. That's when he apparently felt a bit peckish and whipped out little George for a spot of self fulfillment.

As he was "shifting some gears," a passenger noticed what was going on and whipped out something of her own: A cell phone camera.


She took video of the whole thing, where it appears he finishes the deed in the middle of the tunnel.

Simpson has been suspended from NJ Transit without pay and also charged with three criminal offenses including risking widespread injury.

As someone who has ridden NJ Transit a lot in life, this is disturbing. But it's also not close to the norm. One driver performing an act on himself does not an epidemic make.

Video of the incident is below. I'd say it was NSFW, but basically everything has been blurred out. So yeah.


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