Nissan, on a mission to end all in-car slap fights, is here to save the day. Never again will you experience slap-inducing rage when a driver stomps the brakes, unless you live outside of Japan or you choose not to buy a Note hatchback. Minor stuff like that isn’t important when you’re ending violence, though.

Since Nissan believes the usual punishment for abruptly stopping at a yellow light and making a passenger strain their neck is a solid slap in the face, the company decided help those drivers who brake a little too hard. The company announced it with an odd video on its Nissan Japan YouTube account, which features a lot of fake slapping by women being driven around by dudes. Typical.


The help comes from a feature makes the Japanese-spec Note e-Power hybrid, in certain modes, slow as soon as a driver begins lifting off of the accelerator. It’s like the Nissan e-Pedal concept in the Leaf, which lets drivers use a single pedal to accelerate and brake.

That kind of technology keeps the good times (but not the car!) rolling and the slaps at bay, according to Nissan’s logic. What a worthy and noble cause.

Single-pedal braking and accelerating won’t keep you from being slapped for other reasons, unfortunately. Good luck out there.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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