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This stripped and slammed 2016 Nissan Titan XD was just unveiled at the SEMA aftermarket show and will be making a run for two land speed records. Now, what you should be asking yourself is; “why not?”

The Titan, codenamed “Triple Nickel” for the stock truck’s 555 lb-ft torque rating, also probably because it sounds cool, is packing lowered suspension, an aggressive air dam, and a parachute.


No details yet on what’s being done to the engine, but diesel-tuner Gale Banks has already been spotted around it so keep your eyes open.

The records Nissan and Cummins are hoping to crush: the D/DT class with a current record 191 MPH, and the FIA class A-III-9 with a record of record 115 MPH.

I think it’s fair to say that they’re ostensibly shooting for 200 MPH. Which probably as fast as you’d have to go to get a decent sensation of speed from a driver’s seat this high.

A run date has not yet been set, but we’ll keep you posted on the team’s progress because come on, you’re at least a little curious aren’t you?


Also; Nissan would like you to know they already set a pickup truck speed record in 1994. That was with the Frontier’s predecessor generally refer to the “Hardbody,” which hit 142.9 MPH.

We’re finally driving the civilian-spec truck ourselves in a few weeks. So we can let you know how easily that gets to 200 MPH soon.


Image via Nissan

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