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Americans who've never driven a new Renault M gane Clio, but really want to (they should) will be pleased with Nissan's new Versa subcompact for the US. The 2007 model-year, $12,000+ almost-minicars will arrive first in hatchback form in mid-2006 and, later in 2006, in sedan guise. Nissan also announced further "enhancements" to its 2007 car lineup, including an all-new Sentra, all-new Altima and "enhanced" Maxima (we're not sure a Maxima can, linguistically speaking, be further enhanced, but we're willing to put a cork in it, just this time). The Versas will be assembled at Nissan s Aguascalientes, Mexico facility, which also builds the current Nissan Sentra.

Read the entire press release and all the press pics at Japanese Car Fans.

Nissan's New US Subcompact to be Called Versa [internal]


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