Lavish goes to work at the Nissan plant everyday and builds Altimas and what not so he can feed his family. He also has lots and lots of sex with hotties at the plant. The problem is, those girls aren’t his wife and Lavish is scared she might kill him. To let out his frustration, he wrote us this beautiful ballad.

This song from an artist named Lavish chronicles a man’s struggle to resist the common temptation known as “too many smokin’ hot ladies in the Nissan plant.” It’s a conflict that gets the best of most of us, and boy does it get the best of him. The struggle is indeed real.

The lyrics are absolute gold.

It all began on his first day, Lavish sings:

I remember my first day. They was givin’ us a tour around the plant, y’all. And then I heard this one lady say: hoo girl, he can get it. So I waited just a few days later and I, and I went and got it.

Now she runnin’ ‘round here tellin’ all her little friends just how good the sex is. They’re comin’ from the paint department, and trim & chassis too. Just to see who I am...

...And now they want to get with me. Lord knows I love my wife, and I bring home good money, I can’t lie. But if she ever finds out, she gon’ take half of what I got.


You see the problem here? Poor Lavish loves his wife, but he also likes sexing up the ladies at the Nissan plant. More importantly, he doesn’t want his wife taking half the money he earned laboriously toiling over your Rogue’s door trim.

But don’t just think our friend Lavish limits his fornicating activities to only Nissan employees. No, he’s come across some serious talent from suppliers, too. In the song, he mentions Calsonic, M-Tek, Tower Automotive, WWL, Unipress and Kelly Services.

Damn, Lavish! The guy has game.

Ultimately, Lavish is overcome by the sirens, and is murdered mid sentence before he can finish the song: “She gon’ kill me if she ever f—.”


I feel ya, Lavish. I struggle with similar problems.

Hat Tip to CTH