Nissan Leaf Convertible: Good

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This convertible 2019 Nissan Leaf is what a weird electric vehicle should look like. It’s so good.

The Nissan Leaf Open Car is unfortunately just a one-off to celebrate 100,000 Leaf sales in Japan, and it’s a shame there’s only going to be the one.

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It’s a targa-topped EV, and I can only imagine the quiet joy of cruising through a warm summer in the back of this thing, my Hawaiian-print shirt unbuttoned, the wind ravaging my hair, the hint of sunburn on my nose, and the looks of jealously and envy on the faces of the surrounding motorists, trapped in their boring closed-roof pollution boxes.

An enthusiast vehicle doesn’t have to be noisy and fast. Sure, that helps, but sometimes it’s good to just be weird. To be different. To be special. To be unique.

And that is the solitary magic of this, the Nissan Leaf convertible. I love it.

Illustration for article titled Nissan Leaf Convertible: Good

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This is anecdotal, but why can’t we have basic convertibles anymore? Every convertible is either a muscle car like the Mustang or Camaro, a premium car like the 4-series convertibles, or a roadster like the Miata. I’m talking about cars like the Chrysler Sebring, the VW Eos, and the Toyota Solara. Sure they had their issues, but they did their jobs of being bread and butter open topped cars well enough. Is it really that expensive to engineer a droptop for rollover safety that they have to be “special” in some way beyond being a car without a permanent roof?

Why couldn’t FCA have made a convertible version of the 2015-17 200? Convertibles are just as important/iconic to Chrysler as minivans...

/rant, I guess.