Nissan Insists That The Third-Generation Rogue Will Definitely, Absolutely, Take It To The Bank, Get Here On Time

The Nissan Xmotion concept, which the new Rogue is said to be based on.
The Nissan Xmotion concept, which the new Rogue is said to be based on.
Photo: AP

We’re all still inside because of the pandemic, and Nissan’s factory in Smyrna, Tennessee, where the new third-generation Nissan Rogue is supposed to be made, is idled. And you might reasonably think that all of that would delay the launch of said car. But no! Nissan says that this car will absolutely still be arriving in the fall, for sure.


That’s according to a line picked up by Automotive News this morning from a press statement from last week.

Emphasis mine:

“At this time, our new-model launch programs for the U.S. are on track,” Nissan Motor Co. said in a statement last week. “The all-new Nissan Rogue will be in U.S. showrooms this fall.”

I was curious if Nissan stood by that since that appears to be a reference to a statement from last Monday, and things are changing awful quickly everyday in just about every direction.

A spokesman replied:

Yes, the all-new Nissan Rogue will be in U.S. showrooms this fall.

I’m assuming that banners at Nissan USA headquarters are being constructed as we speak with this mantra on it, and the Nissan employees who haven’t been furloughed begin their day uttering this phrase at home, right after the pledge of allegiance.

Joking aside, the new Rogue is very important to Nissan’s turnaround plan, if that is to have any chance of success. (It very well might be dead on arrival.) Nissan sold 350,447 Rogues in the U.S. last year, but that’s down from 412,110 in 2018. Both numbers tower over any other Nissan model in the States, with second-best being the Altima, 209,183 of which were sold in the U.S. last year.

And so you can understand why Nissan so desperately needs this to work—the Rogue makes up a little less than half of all of Nissan’s SUV and truck sales in total.


The Rogue was supposed to debut at the New York International Auto Show, which was originally scheduled for last week before being delayed (for now) to August. The current-generation Rogue debuted in 2013, which is approximately two million years ago.



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