Nissan HQ Network Snafu?

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This cryptic e-mail came in a while ago from an alleged Nissan insider:

Nissan n.america network killed by virus! Watch out for carlos! Heads will roll. Nobody doing anything. Time to get drunk. Sent on cellphone.


Happy virus day, guys. Everyone to the Grand Ol' Opry for the "Hee Haw" retrospective!

Goin' to Nashville: Nissan Packs up SoCal Office for Trip East [internal]


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Nashville is a nice place to live. Decent weather, nice people and no state income tax the last time I checked.

A story I heard once:

An old guy was pumping gas in a college town when the new freshmen were coming in.

Kid1 asks him. "What kind of kids go to school here?" Guy asks "Well how do you feel about studying and partying?" Kid1 says "I study hard and party very little." Old guy says "That's just the kind of people you'll find here."

Kid2 comes up a little later and asks the same question. Old guy asks him about studying and partying. Kid2 says that he parties all the time and doesn't study at all. Old guy says "That's just the kind of people you'll find here."

Coworker comes over and says "You just told those kids completely different stories about the kids here."

Old Guy says "No I just told them that the kind of people they are is the kind of people they will find."

So Red State, Blue State, it doesn't much matter, you will find the kind of people that you are looking for. Good Luck in DC.