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Nissan Hates Standing In Line, Develops Self-Driving Patio Chairs

Standing in line; what’s up with that? Nissan is not up with that, instead deciding to be down with self-driving chairs. WALL-E was an animated movie about a robot judging people in chairs, uh, basically. Those people are us now.

This isn’t Nissan’s first attempt at autonomous chairs, developing some terrifying self-parking office chairs reminiscent of the scary parts of Paranormal Activity a while back.


And now its back with more chairs, this time less terrifying and more convenient.


To combat the issue of elderly people having to wait in line at places like restaurants or museums, Nissan now has self-driving patio chairs.

In the cute video uploaded to Nissan’s YouTube channel, the automaker demonstrates the automated line of “ProPilot” chairs outside and inside of various locations. People waiting in line chill out while their chairs do all the pesky micro-movements towards the front, and then once the person reaches the front, the empty chair circles back to the end of the line for the next patron.

Obviously this is designed to help the elderly, as well as pregnant women or anyone else you would normally offer your seat to, if you were what society deems “decent.”

The future looks decently chill, and yet again Japan gets all the cool stuff first. Unlike the terrifying ghost office chairs, I’m actually moderately excited about burning absolutely zero calories in the line for Chick-Fil-A now.


Thanks, Nissan.


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