Nissan GT-R To Go Hybrid And Become MechaGodzilla

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Welp. We kinda knew it was coming. The next Nissan GT-R will be a hybrid. It better be faster.


Taking a page from the McLaren P1/Porsche 918/LaFerrari handbook, Nissan has decided to electrify its fastest car with a dose of batteries.


Nissan's sales and marketing boss told Top Gear that "there's an inevitability that everything in the future will be electric. I expect to see some form of electrification on the next generation of car in some form, like hybridization."

Hybrids and electrification are part of the Nissan ethos, so this makes a lot of sense. Paler was quick to add that any GT-R hybrid wouldn't use the new powertrain to increase efficiency, but rather performance.

We wouldn't expect anything less from MechaGodzilla.

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So what is already a very heavy car will be heavier? Unless they ditch their current AWD set up with a motor powering the front wheels in combo with ICE/RWD set up?