Nissan GT-R Owner Charged With Insurance Fraud After Crash Vid Hits YouTube

Remember when a Nissan GT-R crashed trying to keep up with a Mitsubishi Evo? Turns out the driver in that video tried to scam his insurance company for repairs and now him and his sister have been arrested.

We first brought you the crash vid way back in March, 2009. Shortly after discovering that his skills didn't stack up to Godzilla's performance, Jay Chen reported to his insurance company that his sister, Tracy Chen, had crashed the GT-R on a freeway. Jay withdrew that claim, then filed for another one three months later. Investigators were tipped off when the body shop tasked with repairs reported that the car had been sitting in their facility since March. When investigators started looking around the Internet for evidence, they came across this crash video and were able to build a criminal case.


Jay is charged with six counts of felony insurance fraud, Tracy faces one count. [SGV Tribune via Autoblog]

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