​Nissan GT-R Hits 220MPH And Goes For An Epic Spin In The Dirt

The Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R was put through its paces in the half mile, topping out at 220 MPH. Unfortunately, the driver lost control of the vehicle and went into a massive spin out. Fortunately, they appear to be in the middle of frikkin' nowhere, which is probably pretty good news for car and driver.

It's really difficult to tell exactly what happened to make the driver lose control outside of just, you know, ridonkulous amounts of speed, but it actually looks pretty fun. Since there is pretty much nothing out there except for dirt, dirt, and apparently more dirt, instead of anything happening to the driver or the vehicle, we're just treated to what actually looks like an awesome series of Big People Tea Cups.

I want to swerve out of control in a GT-R in an open desert now, don't you?

H/T ETS via reddit.

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John Norris (AngryDrifter)

I'm surprised it didn't roll. Pretty lucky.