Nissan GT-R Gets Test Drive from Nihon Car

Our buddies over at Nihon Car have gotten their filthy mitts on the new Nissan GT-R. We've covered Godzilla pretty exhaustively here, but they've got beautiful video of the beast in motion. Good old-fashioned car pr0n from a closed circuit course gives you an idea of just how composed this vehicle is when driven hard. The part we liked best was the in-motion shots—we weren't expecting the interior to be so jet-fighter like. All those digital gauges and doodads have our inner nerd panting.


It's while the car is lurking through the tight streets of Tokyo that you get a sense just how big this sucker is. We know we're probably absolutely last on the list for keys to this car—what with our insistence on keeping the Carlos Ghosn: Superhero picture alive and well. Nonetheless, should we ever get seat time, our assumption is there will be a certain amount of more tire smoke, not to mention jokes about hacking out the back window in favor of a truck bed.

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