Nissan Denki Cube Captured Before Press Event

Illustration for article titled Nissan Denki Cube Captured Before Press Event

Those press event rehearsals are always causing trouble as us bothersome bloggers just want to see the shiny, so we don't miss a beat. We heard about the Nissan Denki Cube Concept at the last minute, and today we see it with our own one lens. The all-electric anti-symmetry Nissan is outfitted with a trick hidden "fuel door" and the loudest yellow interior you've ever seen. Tweety would feel pale in there. Anyway, we'll bring you more information on the dinky Denki when the event comes around for reals.



Rob Emslie

Oh, I get it; it's electric so it has little lightning bolt-shaped holes in the grill. That is so clever and subtle...NOT! And what's with the Xs on the back bumper? They look like dead-guy eyes in cartoons.

Hasn't Nissan been trotting out the Cube at U.S. shows for about 11 years now without ever having the balls to actually sell it here in some shape? Somebody should tell them to shit or get off the pot.