By picking a name that sounds like a supermarket house brand, Nissan prolongs the life of a very popular, very anonymous compact SUV. While the company introduces the new, longer 2014 Rogue that now offers seven seatbelts, Nissan has quietly announced the current Rogue will soldier on and announced the 2014 Rogue Select.

You can't blame Nissan for not wanting to kill a model that's actually posted a sales increase in its final year. Much like Chevy has done with the W-body Impala Limited as the new, much better 2014 Impala has hit showrooms, Nissan is keeping its customers happy with a model that's still going to be cheaper than the incoming replacement.

How cheap? Nissan says that when the 2014 Rogue Select goes on sale in January, it'll start at less than $20,000. For the record, the 2013 Rogue starts at $20,310, but the bigger 2014 model is pegged to kick things off at $22,490. Can you feel the savings?

No word on what features you will and won't be able to get on the Rogue Select. But it is interesting that the Rogue Select isn't a fleet-only model in the way GM usually handles its "Classic" and "Limited" tagged cars. But aren't you curious as to why Nissan didn't just try to sell people desperate for a 2013 Rogue a cheaper Juke?


Photo: Nissan