Illustration for article titled Nissan 370Z Info Shows Up In Japanese Car Mag, Bigger Engine On The Way

Though you should always take what you learn from Japanese car magazine scans with a grain of salt, things we're hearing about the forthcoming Nissan 350Z seem to line up with what was caught in this mag by a FreshAlloy forum member. First, we reported that the new Nissan 350Z would likely bow at the LA Auto Show, and this claims an appropriate November 2008 debut date. We also heard it would feature a version of the 3.7-liter VQ37VHR engine found in the Infiniti G37, which this claims as well, before going further to add they expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 330+ horsepower.


What we didn't know was what it was going to look like. These appear to be actual pics and not drawings (which may explain the White Out). While it appears to have the characteristic large hump, the headlights have a much sharper, sharktooth look. This would fit in with the design language we've seen on the new Infiniti FX50. Let the speculation continue. [FreshAlloy via AutoBlog]


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