Ninja Rally Fan Avoids Peril, Plots Revenge

What do you get when you cross a baker and a ninja? A dead baker. Never cross a ninja. What you see here is all the proof you need that rally fans are the most hardcore racing fans out there (Oh, you say you camped for a day outside the Texas Motor Speedway in your 38-foot luxury RV? It just doesn't measure up to spending the night with two of your friends cramped into a LeCar on a freezing night along the Vistula just to see your favorite rally drivers, four seconds at at time). A driver spins his hatch towards the crowd and this fan transforms into a ninja to avoid getting crushed. [DPCCars]

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@Xman: No argument here. But what about after you run into something? Don't you notice it then? This isn't the first video clip I've seen of a rally driver taking out (or nearly taking out) spectators and taking off. Of course there is a race to run, but, geez, that's hardcore focus.

And I love watching the WRC, by the way, or at least I did back when Speed still showed auto racing.